Baldwin’s Landscape Supplies aim to supply only the finest quality products, however, if for some reason you are unhappy with the quality of goods received then they should email to report this within seven working days of receiving the goods.

Baldwins Landscape Supplies regret that they will be unable to replace goods which have not been reported as unsatisfactory within this time frame. Baldwins Landscape Supplies are also unable to replace goods which have been used or removed from the packaging they were supplied in.

If you have ordered one of our organic compost mixes, please be aware that we do not chemically treat our products for weeds. Weeds will thrive in warm, wet weather and especially in very fertile soils and composts like our own. Although every care is taken to remove weeds during our screening process, we cannot guarantee that weed seeds are completely removed in the soil or compost that you receive.

Baldwin’s Landscape Supplies offer a range of recycled products, such as 10-12mm screened soil. This product is still of reasonable quality but may contain stone, rubble or other debris. Our soil is put through a large mechanical sieve, this process is called screening, it is carried out to remove any potential physical contaminants, however glass and small pieces of plastic can be an occasional problem as they can end up in very small shards and is virtually impossible to identify and remove 100%. Additionally, the compost used to blend with the soil to produce our topsoil is derived from green kerbside waste collections, ultimately this too has people disposing of all kinds of contaminants into it and again whilst every effort is made to screen this occasionally objects do pass through.

If you are concerned about the quality of any of the products you are ordering, then please opt for those which are tested to the relevant British Standard.

Baldwins Landscape supplies will not accept legal liability in respect of loss of or damage to any product supplied or for the costs of recall or removal repair alteration replacement or reinstatement of such product supplied or any part thereof caused by any defect therein.

Please note: Topsoil is a dynamic and fragile material and when managed correctly, fulfils its function. However, it can be easily damaged by mishandling, and cross-contamination with other materials and contaminants on site. We can NOT be held responsible or accountable for any further on site testing or offer any guarantees that any further testing on site will replicate any previous results tested against either in the attached analysis or your own independent testing.

By ticking the box, you have read and agree to these terms, and are satisfied that the soil provided will meet your needs and are happy to proceed with deliveries as per your order, and take full responsibility for the soil once it has left our site.

In the unlikely event you would want to return your products, customers are required to return the goods, which will be at their own expense, to an address specified by Baldwin’s Landscape Supplies.

Alternatively, we can arrange the collection and return of the goods and deduct the costs of return from the refund due.